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Irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal disorders can become very painful if not treated in time. The pain can be gradual or you may experience it in the middle of the night. What should you do? Continue trying to get back to sleep or do something about it? When the cramps get too bad, you simply cannot ignore them. This is the reason why you should know some easy home remedies to treat the condition. Please understand that this in no way suggests that you should not get a proper checkup and have the IBS treated. These tips are for times when you are unable to visit your medical health expert and need some quick relief.

Home remedies are not harmful, so you can continue using them even when you are taking some medicine for your condition. Here are some easy, natural home remedies for your irritable bowel syndrome.

Let go of the spices

Spices need to be limited if you feel bloated, have excessive gas or . What these do is cause inflammation in your digestive system, thereby leading to a worsening of the condition. Try reducing them and you will see visible difference.

Add citrus fruits to diet

Citrus fruits not only contain vitamin C, they also are high in alkalinity. This neutralizes the effect of acids in your system and gives way to a happy gastrointestinal system. Limes, lemons, oranges are some of the citrus fruits that you can add to your daily diet. If you feel that the cramps are made, make a glass of lemonade, add some black pepper to it and drink up. You will notice visible difference within minutes.

Fiber it is

Fiber is your best friend if you have irritable bowel syndrome. Psyllium is what you need to load up on. You can take whole wheat products, as well as fruits and vegetables for this substance. There are also many fiber supplements available in the market that you can use.


Exercising is not only good for your irritable bowel syndrome condition, but will also help with weight loss and an active metabolic system. 30 minutes of moderate exercise, 5 days a week is what is recommended. You don’t have to go to the gym, just take a brisk walk, or participate in any physical activity that you enjoy. In due time, you will notice that your symptoms of IBS are reducing significantly.

Homeopathic Remedies to Relieve Intestinal and Abdominal Pain Associated with Irritable Bowel Conditions: Local Areas We Serve

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