It is important to understand that we feed ourselves nutrients which are not only necessary for the vitality of our cells but also the trillions of bacteria that inhabit our digestive tract. We have the responsibility to maintain the viability of this bacteria, also known as the microbiota.

Best Foods to Stop Bloatings and CrampsThe microbiota provide nutrients, vitamins, and other by-products that support our health. However, with the right raw materials, the microbiota is a gas factory. Too much protein is not a good thing for the microbiota because their metabolism converts excess protein to gaseous, sulphur by-products that smell like rotten eggs. It is the excess gas that causes bloating and cramping.

Excess protein is delivered to the microbiota when digestive juices in the stomach and small intestine are weak. Low stomach acid and low digestive enzymes result in high amounts of intact proteins available for consumption by the bacteria.

Two food groups that contain high levels of proteins are wheat and dairy. Most people lack the special digestive enzymes to breakdown the proteins in these foods. Therefore, by eliminating wheat and dairy from the diet, the microbiota gas factory is cut-off from the raw materials. The result is much less gas production and no bloating or cramps.

What Foods Cause Bloating

Learning what foods to eat and trigger foods that cause severe cramping and pain are critical for developing your own elimination diet for IBS . As mentioned above, start by creating your own IBS diet menu.

Foods with wheat (rye and barley) and dairy should be avoided if you have abdominal pain from excessive gas. By following a gluten free diet, you are on your way to relief from cramps caused by excessive gas as a result of high amounts of protein in your diet. Cereals, bread, pasta, cookies, pretzels, pizza all contain wheat. Many soups contain wheat,  soy sauce and many spices all have wheat. It is important to read labels. Just because it’s a gluetn free product does not mean it lacks wheat.

Dairy products are vast including butter, milk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt,

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